“Maskne” – The Latest Skin Obstacle

Notice an increase in pesky zits on your cheeks and around your mouth over the past several months? Let’s just say it’s no coincidence that these new or worsening skin conditions are right underneath your facemask. The good news is, you’re not alone! Being that mask-wearing is now a societal norm and for a good reason (to keep us all safe and healthy!), many skincare experts have developed solutions when it comes to ‘Maskne.’ Keep reading, and we’ll provide you with a few of our tips on how to get your skin looking and feeling better, even after wearing a mask.

What Causes ‘Maskne’?

Facemasks are one of the best defenses when it comes to dangerous germs, but they aren’t always the best for your skin. ‘Acne Mechanica,’ is a type of acne that is caused by a combination of friction, excess heat, and trapped sweat in a specific area. Commonly, certain kinds of bras and athletic protective gear and helmets cause this kind of acne. They trap sweat and rub against the skin. Now, numerous individuals are experiencing this due to wearing a mask. Especially with the summer heat, facial sweat trapped under our masks, and the friction caused by wearing them, is creating an excellent place for pimples to develop. Having this occur for extended periods, and even short instances repeatedly create what is being called ‘Maskne’!

How to Avoid Maskne:

1.) Give thought to what type of mask you wear & keep it clean!

It’s essential to keep the level of protection in mind when choosing the type of mask you want to wear. Concerning ‘Maskne,’ many skincare professionals suggest masks made out of 100% cotton material. Along with the material of the face covering, the factor of keeping it clean is of the utmost importance when avoiding ‘Maskne.’ If you prefer disposable masks, it’s a good idea to get yourself a new one after at least a day of wear. If reusable is up your ally, remembering to wash your masks frequently is a crucial component to prevent skin from developing blemishes. Why is this important? Sweat and oil are bound to build up underneath your mask, and reapplying a dirty one will give your skin all the more chance to develop unwanted acne.

2.) Keep your face clean & moisturized.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but making sure that your face is clean and moisturized before putting on a mask is a significant element to maintain clear skin. Choose a gentle cleanser to wash away the dirt and oil that naturally builds up on the face before mask-wearing. In addition to a clean face, moisturizer is vital! Moisturizer hydrates your skin and also acts as a barrier against mask friction. When choosing a moisturizer, avoid heavy products that will further clog your pores, and opt for one that contains protective ingredients such as ceramide and hyaluronic acid.

3.) Break-up with makeup (for now!)

Face makeup such as foundation, BB cream, and concealer, trapped under your mask, cause clogged pores and breakouts. Pores can’t keep out makeup, sweat, AND oil, primarily when something is covering it. In addition to further pore congestion, makeup can dirty masks as well. If you feel that you need something, skincare experts suggest trying a tinted moisturizer!

You’ve Already Got ‘Maskne’… How Do You Treat it?

1.) Exfoliate!
Incorporating an exfoliating product into your skin routine can do wonders when treating not only acne in general, but also ‘Maskne.’ Exfoliating helps to get rid of dead skin cells that clog the pores and uncover new skin cells below. It also allows skin products to work more effectively since they can come in contact with fresh, new skin!

2.) Spot-treat & get ahold of an acne-treating cleanser.
In the battle against ‘Maskne,’ integrating targeted treatments into your skincare routine is especially important. Our amazing estheticians here at Andros MedSpa suggest using spot treatments to target specific bothersome blemishes. When looking for one, consider products that contain salicylic acid, zinc, sulfur, or 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Regarding acne-treating cleansers, like spot treatments, get ahold of a product that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Glycolic acid washes and sulfur soaps are also great products to add to your ‘Maskne’ treatment regimen.

3.) Again, keep that face clean & moisturized.
As they are a crucial component when preventing ‘Maskne,’ facial hygiene and hydration are equally as important when treating it. Wash your face to limit the amount of sweat, oil, and dirt that gets stuck under your mask, and remember to create that barrier with an excellent facial moisturizer.

The Bottomline:

With the global pandemic altering all aspects of society, it seems that masks will be sticking around for quite some time. Acne, in general, is never a fun thing to deal with, and ‘Maskne’ popping up along with everything else can be very frustrating. Even if your skin breaks out, it is still critical to your own and other’s safety to wear a mask in public. With the tips we’ve provided, an updated skin routine, acne-treating skincare products, and keeping things clean, you can get some relief from ‘Maskne.’ If skin irritation or breakouts don’t subside after these advised changes, contact us at Andros MedSpa for suggested treatments to help your skin feel and look as good as it should.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this information helps you!

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