Fun Facts About Eyebrows...And Why They Matter!

Beautiful Eyebrows

Brows are important. In fact, eyebrows are one of the most defining facial features. Much like our jawlines and noses, our eyebrows frame our faces and give us a unique look. It makes sense why so many people are interested in brow services--when we have brows that we love, they bring out our best features. Here at Enhance MD Body & Skin Clinic, we offer lash & brow services that help you to enhance your natural beauty and show off your stunning face.

Aside from making you look amazing, brows have a multitude of additional functions. Here are some fun facts about eyebrows and why they are so important.

1. Eyebrows Protect Us

Your brows aren’t just there for looks. The real biological function of our brows is to protect and keep the moisture out of our eyes when we are sweating or in the rain. That arch shape we all love functions to help redirect liquid to the sides of our faces, keeping our eyes clear.


2. Eyebrows Convey Our Emotions

When it comes to expressing our emotions nonverbally, our brows do a lot of the work. Eyebrows reflect inner emotions--even when we don’t want them to. They convey our mood, interest, effort, and more. Well-shaped and positioned eyebrows give us a pleasant and engaging demeanor, while more droopy or sparse eyebrows can give the appearance of tiredness or low energy.


3. Eyebrows Go Gray Too

Just like most people’s hair begins to turn gray with age, so do their eyebrow hairs. But don’t worry--it takes some time after your head hair goes gray for your eyebrows to catch up.


4. Eyebrows Give Us A Distinct Look

Eyebrows are just as distinctive in defining a person’s appearance as the eyes and nose. In fact, studies show that people struggle to identify the faces of people they know when their images are shown without eyebrows. This means that the shape, thickness, color, and length of our brows greatly influence how we appear to others. Who knew brows were so important!


5. Brow Enhancement Has A Long History

Modern society didn’t create the idea of shaping, coloring, or otherwise changing the appearance of our brows. In Ancient Egypt, people used carbon and black oxide to darken, arch, and elongate their brows. Meanwhile, in both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, the unibrow was considered the most beautiful and sought-after trait. This shows that we’re not the first ones to view brows as important and defining features.


Having strong brows is more than just a passing trend. It has become an industry focus and a major category in cosmetics. At Enhance MD Body & Skin Clinic, we love helping our clients’ eyebrows look their best. Our team offers a variety of services to get you those luscious brows you love. Call and ask about our brow services: brow tinting, brow henna, brow lamination, brow waxing, or microblading. You can also book an appointment right here on our website. We can’t wait to hear from you!

In the meantime, get inspired by some of these beautiful brow styles:

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